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Dr. Joel Wallach
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Shampoo and Conditioner-Personal Care Products

Personal Care

The Ultimate Personal Care Solution For Your Body

Youngevitycontinues to expand it's product line with the personal care products you deserve. Majestic Earth Personal Care Products are manufactured for both purity as well as value. You won't find anything else on the market that is an effective as these products are in terms of value and quality. Do you self a favor and try these great products!

Majestic EarthShampoo with Botanical Extracts

Majestic EarthShampoo

cleans the hair, but it also nourishes the hair and follicles while strengthening the shaft. The nourishment is derived from natural botanical extracts. It contains a wealth of surfactants, moisturizers and conditioning agents to give full body, lustre and sheen to the individual hair shaft. As an added feature, it also contains Majestic Earth plant derived Colloidal Minerals. Youngevity's Majestic EarthShampoo is designed for daily use on all types of hair.

Item #31601-16 oz.-Wholesale Price: $8.00 ea.

Majestic EarthConditioner with Botanical Extracts


Majestic EarthConditioner is scientifically formulated to nourish the hair and follicles as it conditions and enriches all types of hair. The nourishment is derived from natural botanical extracts. As an added feature, it also contains Majestic Earth plant derived Colloidal Minerals. Majestic EarthConditioner is a rich, luxurious blend of minerals, emollients and moisturizers that provide body, lustre and sheen to the individual hair shaft.

Item #30811-8 oz.-Wholesale Price: $5.00 ea.

Majestic EarthWhole Body Cleanser


With hundreds of soaps and body cleansers available, it's difficult for the average consumer to know which one is right for them. Now, Majestic EarthWhole Body Cleanser makes the choice easy. Most soaps and cleansers contain lye, waxes, deodorants and heavy perfumes that leave a less than thoroughly clean feeling. But, Majestic EarthWhole Body Cleanser is an innovative new concept in personal hygiene. Whole Body Cleanser is an all-natural, effective moisturizing cleanser that contains anti-bacterial agents that eliminate odorous bacteria and stop body odor where it starts. Majestic EarthWhole Body Cleanser will leave you feeling refreshed all day.

  • All-natural cleanser
  • Contains anti-bacterial agents

Item #31631-16oz. Size Price $7.00

Majestic EarthHand & Body Lotion


Majestic EarthHand and Body Lotion is scientifically formulated to nourish your skin. The nourishment is extracted from prehistoric plant deposits. Which contains 7 major minerals and 65 trace minerals in colloidal form. Majestic EarthHand and Body Lotion penetrates and absorbes quickly to help promote soft, smooth, moist skin without that greasy feeling. When used regularly, it helps relieve second and third layer dryness and helps protect against wind chap, heat and cold weather damage. Majestic EarthHand and Body Lotion can be used on all skin areas, including the face, as an effective moisturizer.

Item #30821 8oz. Size Price $6.00


Majestic EarthAnti-Bacterial Hand Soap


Most commercial soaps contain lye and tallow, which can irritate your skin and leave a yucky residue that clogs your pores. Your skin deserves better. Majestic EarthAnti-Bacterial Hand Soap is a superior cleanser with anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal and anti-yeast skin rejuvenators such as Vitamin E and allatonin. Majestic EarthAnti-Bacterial Hand Soap is the most natural and effective anti-bacterial cleanser available. Shouldn't you protect the skin that protects you?

Item #30841 8oz. Size Price $4.00

All Natural Tooth Gel is a safe natural alternative to fluoride toothpaste. Use INVISIONTooth Gel for a clean and healthy feeling for your mouth. The natural mint flavor without sugar or sodium lauryl sulfate will assure you that this unique tooth gel is the best thing for your dental program. It's also environmentally friendly.


Directions: Brush thoroughly at least twice a day or as directed by a dentist or physician. Children 2 to 6 years: Use a small amount and supervise child's brushing and rinsing. Under 2 years: Ask your dentist.

InvisionTooth Paste - . Item #40409-4 oz-Wholesale Price: $10.00 each


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